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Cardiff Met student using Wetherspoons disabled toilet because of stoma bag accused of taking drugs

Amber Davies, 21, was accused of snorting, dealing and having sex in Birmingham’s ‘Dragon Inn’

Cardiff Metropolitan University student, Amber Davies, experienced horrific treatment from Weatherspoon's bouncers after using their disabled facilities on a night out.

Amber was diagnosed with Ulcerative Collitis at the age of 13, which means she now lives with a stoma and experiences the daily struggles of extreme abdominal cramps, fatigue and diarrhea. After her horrific experience at Weatherspoons, Amber took to Instagram to explain her daily struggle, which she describes as "debilitating and life destroying".

Amber mentioned that nights out were already "a pretty daunting prospect" for her, that she normally receives funny looks from others. However, she did not expect bouncers to shout at her and her boyfriend, grab them and accuse them of taking drugs, having sex and dealing whilst using the facilities.

Amber said she felt "shame, discrimination and awkwardness".

The accusations took place despite Amber having a radar key, to gain access to the toilet, as well as a 'can't wait card', explaining her illness and its requirements.

Once accused, Amber tried to level with the bouncer, asking if she could imagine herself in this scenario with her partner, and how violated she would feel as a result. Amber was however met with confusion and ignorance, as the bouncer refrained from any form of sympathy and continued to "intimidate, accuse and be rowdy…because of an uneducated assumption".

With no signs of any remorse or understanding, Amber was forced to leave the premises feeling "upset, tired and frustrated".

Through her Instagram post, Amber reminds us that 'not every disability is visible', nor is it restricted to those in a wheelchair.

In a response Weatherspoons said that if they had known about her disability beforehand, they could have implemented measures to avoid this.

Amber stated that in that situation, a person should be "willing to learn and help and lend a hand in that moment of need".

Amber, from Builth Wells, won't let this experience knock her confidence. She is using her position to raise awareness of Crohns and Collitis so that others don't have to feel the way she felt that night. Amber models swimwear for a ostomate-focused brand, fundraises for Crohns and Colitis UK, and leads informative talks, as well as her podcasts and blog posts.