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The worst things about being home from uni over summer

Being grounded at the age of 20 is not how summer should be spent

Being home from uni is all fun and games until you realise quite how crap your hometown is. Meeting up with old friends, chilling with your family and having dinner cooked for you is only good for so long. Once those home comforts have worn off, there are some real cons of being home for months.

From missing your uni pals to craving a Fam Fish, here are the worst things of all.

Being away from your mates

This is definitely the worst thing about not being at university. Making new friendship groups at uni is refreshing and it is amazing to meet so many new people. Then summer comes along and you realise they live at least two hours, one train and six tubes away and you won't see them for three months. The days when your house are all hungover in bed chatting about the night before before become a distant memory. No communal getting ready for three months, how will you survive?

Living back with your parents

Living in a house full of your friends to moving back in with Mum and Dad is a culture shock to say the least. Having your own independence is hugely important to anyone. You've bought your own food, paid for your bills and gone out where you want and when you want for a whole year but alas no more. Every time you leave the house you have to answer 20 questions about who, what, where, when and why. The joys.

For some of us, it is worse. We get too drunk on a night out and end up with a very angry parent the next day. If your parents are anything like mine, this will result in a ban on going out for the rest of the weekend. Not exactly how i thought my 20s would be.

Actually working

Some absolute troopers work through term time so this isn't really a biggie but for the slackers among us, coming home means working again. We all love a student loan but come June, the money has gone and the overdraft is maxed. With two months of half rent to pay, a social life to maintain and nagging parents, a job is the only option. At least having a job means temporary peace from the family.

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Missed the hair nets and pastries

Hometown gossip

The nostalgia really sets in when you're back among your old friends. For some of us, it's great but for others it just reminds us why we left. Everyone knows everyone's business and loves to gossip about it. She slept with him?? Scandalous !!

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Nice but it isn't a Cathays sunset

Just Cardiff

Live Lounge, Fam Fish, the SU, the list goes on. Cardiff has many gems which are missed over summer. From wild nights out to the hangover convenience of getting Pret delivered thanks to Uber Eats, there are many Cardiff perks.


Can anyone honestly say that their hometown nightlife is better than Cardiff? When you're underage, one or two clubs is the dream but you've experienced a uni city now. One or two clubs is boring after the first night out at home. Entering clubs at home means seeing all the mistakes you made when you were in school as well as all the people you want to avoid. Not a fun night out.

Being back at home has its positives, but it also means sacrificing a lot of your independence, which we are not here for.

Is it September yet?