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Third years may have module grades from the strikes taken off their final grade

The strikes may work in our favour after all

Many third years have been informed by their Schools that modules affected by last year's industrial strikes will be taken off their final grade if they are your lowest overall module marks.

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Industrial Strikes and protests outside Cardiff University in 2018

In an email sent out to third years, Cardiff University has explained:

"As you are aware, during the last academic year (2017/2018), a number of modules taught across the University and certain Schools were affected by industrial action.

We wanted to let you know that all modules that were affected have been regarded as being a defect or irregularity in the delivery of the module and/or its assessment. Where modules were affected, they will have a PX Code against them on the transcript you received last year."

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The strikes were a result of disputes between UCU and Universities UK

As a result of this, it has been announced that: "… where it advantages you, it is possible for the Examining Board to exclude up to 40 credits of modules affected in this way (e.g if they are your lowest overall module marks) from calculation of your final award/degree classification to produce the best degree result for you."

This could greatly help third years who felt their performance was affected during this time, helping them to achieve a final grade which accurately reflects their abilities.