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These are the best gluten-free lunch spots in Cardiff

Or even breakfast, if you’re an early bird

For those of us who suffer from the dietary needs that we can't control and definitely didn't choose, it's a little difficult to venture away from our own kitchen and eat out.

It's easy enough for people who can grab a ham and cheese panini from Costa and call it a day- but for those of us who have to go gluten-free it's difficult when we're faced with a horrible, processed quick-fix from the shelves of chain restaurants. There are so many brilliant independent eateries around Cardiff that are catering for our gluten-free needs, and they are often overlooked.

So here's a quick guide for where you can find the best gluten-free lunches and brunches around The Diff.

The Plan Cafe

Situated in the stunning setting of Morgan Arcade in the city centre, The Plan Cafe is definitely a great place to visit.

I was pleasantly surprised to scan through their menu and notice several gluten-free symbols popping up. You know how it is, us gluten-free people only normally get a choice or two of meals in restaurants, usually a salad of some kind. However, The Plan Cafe has made it possible for us to enjoy an Eggs Benedict or a lovely toastie at the same time as our friends. Plus, their GF Millionaire's Shortbread is such a sweet treat!

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Kudos to The Plan Cafe

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Stag Coffee

Not as extensive as The Plan Cafe, but Stag Coffee does get my vote for being a decent gluten-free eatery in Cardiff. They're able to swap any bread or pancake meals for a GF alternative, and the GF pancakes definitely do not taste like the processed packaged ones from Tesco.

The vegetarian breakfast is also amazing, and they easily adapted it to make it gluten free. The food was delish.

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Pillars Restaurant

You may recognise the front of Pillars Restaurant from the hundreds of times you've walked down Queen Street. The restaurant has a huge selection of jacket potato fillings, which are gluten-free- thank the Lord. Because who doesn't love a good jacket potato?

They also have a variety of salads that sound super delicious and healthy – if you're ok with leaving the world of bread behind.

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Little Man Coffee & Co.

Little Man Coffee, situated on the corner between Bridge Street and David Street is known for its smooth and delicious coffee. However, their menu caters so well for gluten-free diners. They offer gluten-free bread as a substitute for 30p more (bane of our lives, but hey if you love bread then it's still a win) and a bunch of yummy salads.

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Waterloo Tea

With their dedication towards exploring the finest teas of the world, Waterloo Tea situated in the Wyndham Arcade has an inspiring ora surrounding the business. Like with the others, this restaurant does the classic swap your bread for gluten-free substitute. However I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they can make you whatever you like if you give them enough notice of your dietary needs.

So, if you're into all the different teas of the world and fancy challenging their gluten-free abilities, then give Waterloo Tea a try.

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So next time your friends suggest lunch, keep these gluten free hotspots in mind.