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Lauren Ryan
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‘Blended learning’ still a reality for Cardiff Uni during local lockdown

I mean, can Miss Rona start behaving now?

Fire up your PlayStations: This is what a virtual Cardiff Freshers’ Week would look like

You better invest in some speedy WiFi

Cardiff Uni fails to renew VK partnership causing VK shortages till 2021

The only flavour left is Candy Cane

Third year finished faster than we thought, here’s what you’ll miss the most about Cardiff Uni

Alexa, play Post Malone ‘Fall Apart’

Rugby team self isolating after JUICE pres at potentially contaminated house

It came to light Sunday evening

COVID-19 crisis postpones Cardiff Medics’ assessments until next academic year

The decision was made this afternoon

Welsh Varsity is now being ‘closely monitored’ because of coronavirus spread

Shoes off if you hate coronavirus

Cannabis factory found in a house on Woodville Road in Cathays

It was discovered by police on Sunday

Cardiff student strikers are protesting outside a meeting in Main Building

‘It’s important for them to know we exist’

OMG: Ireland v Italy Six Nations game has been postponed over fears of Coronavirus

Wales hosted Italy just 4 weeks ago

‘This guy is pure black’: Racist messages discovered in Pryzm staff group chat

The abuse was allegedly directed at another member of staff

Bute Park is severely flooded and many parts closed off entirely

Not the best day to walk your dog

Dear non-Welsh students, please don’t come to Wales and mock our culture

No, I’m not like Stacey from Gavin and Stacey

Undertone and 10 Feet Tall are set to close

All staff of the venues have resigned

Nominations are open for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Who will be crowned fittest of the fit?

Cardiff student gets a vile and ‘mouldy’ surprise in Lidl rice packet

It’s the last thing you’d expect in a packet of rice

Stormzy’s in town: Huge queues on Cardiff Queen Street

He’s signing albums in HMV tonight

Student unable to vote because Cardiff Uni didn’t pass her details on

They only found out the night before the election

‘I’ve had my vote stolen from me’: 200 Cardiff students unable to vote due to admin error

Cardiff Council said “our hands are tied”

Jeremy Corbyn visited south Wales over the weekend

A Welsh tour just days before the General Election

Cardiff Uni are transforming some libraries into study spaces only

Collections are going digital as a result

A Cardiff student was so drunk he thought he met Paul Chuckle in Live Lounge

One too many doubles maybe?

Cardiff SU to undertake campaign to reduce Carbon emission to zero by 2025

The audience voted for an amendment

‘I was terrified’: Grace Millane’s alleged killer tried to suffocate another Tinder date during sex

The witness told the court it was also during sex

You can now work out if your vote will count more at Uni or at home

It’s a difficult decision to make

You’ll never guess what: There’s beef on Cardiff Bae over a cockblock

Someone took a rejection hard

USW are scrapping their BA Dance course and students aren’t happy

There’s a petition to #saveUSWdance

These are the must go to Halloween events in Cardiff this week

Get your tickets while you can

We spoke to the guy who almost won the BBC Radio 1’s Golden Ticket in Cardiff

Brad failed on the phone number challenge

This is what the SU have to say about Cardiff Met and USW going to Y Plas

Someone hold back the Cardiff Uni students

The Cardiff Met Wikipedia now says they’re better than ‘Tories at Cardiff Uni’

They’ve hit back

Someone has changed the Cardiff Met Wikipedia to call them ‘leeches that ruin Wednesdays’

The beef continues

You’ll only understand these photos if you live in Cardiff

Happy days

Cardiff promo wars: Why you’re seeing two fighting events on FB right now

Time to clear up that confusion

Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ at the SU

Oh SU how we’ve missed you

Here’s why you should start writing for The Cardiff Tab

From student writers to meme makers, we want you

New West Wing halls requested permission to let out rooms to non-students after failing to fill the rooms

Up to 215 rooms became available to non-student residents

We asked you the worst ways you’ve fucked over your housemates without them knowing

And you people are utter savages

Students forced to move into a building site because their luxury halls weren’t finished in time for Freshers

The ‘West Wing’ halls were due to be finished by September 2019

It’s official, letting agency fees have been banned across Wales

The new law will save Cardiff students hundreds of pounds

Don’t freak out but Ikea is giving all students a £10 voucher

And Cardiff Ikea is one of the first stores to start the voucher

Cardiff Uni student found guilty of having indecent images of children on his phone

He told police officers he ‘could not stop’

Everyone get your dancing shoes on because Curtis is coming to Cardiff in October

Gather round you talented, young ladies

I was homeless as a teen, now I’ve graduated from Cardiff with a first

Emily also had a baby in her second year

Victim of St. Mary Street’s stabbing has been named

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder

Delay in processing student visas could cost Cardiff Uni £200,000

They might not get their visas until late into their studies

Cardiff Uni kicked anti-vaxx student off healthcare course and paid them £9000 compensation

The uni paid them £5,000 for the “distress” caused

Cardiff is home to one of the most colourful streets in Wales

It may be brighter than all of our future’s combined

A body has been found in Roath Park Lake following police search

South Wales Police have been searching the lake since early hours of the morning

Cathays Station is now partially open following police investigation

You can now access Cathays Station via Senghenydd Road only

Stop everything you’re doing: There’s a Dachshund Cafe coming to Cardiff

If this doesn’t get you through your exams then nothing will

The people have spoken and these are Cardiff’s Top Couples of 2019

Love is in the air in the Diff

The 21-year-old woman found dead on Glynrhondda Street has been named

South Wales Police launched a murder investigation into her death yesterday

I ordered an Uber in Cardiff and it turned into a late night mobile karaoke party

The driver goes by the name of ‘Cabbyoke Ray’

These are the best gluten-free lunch spots in Cardiff

Or even breakfast, if you’re an early bird

Here are the best dressed of Fight Night 2019

Never knew you lot could scrub up so well

We’re back at it again with the classic Clubbers of the Week

Throw them shapes like no one’s watching

Every reason why second year is so much better than first year

You’re basically a silverfish if you think otherwise

Cardiff Council made nearly £2 million in parking fines last year

That is a lot of VKs

Ok so this ‘fuck off freshers from the library’ thing has got to stop now

I’m pretty sure we all have to pay that hefty 9k hun

The stereotypes of Taly you’ve definitely seen during first year

And will continue to see during your time at Uni

Let’s face it, History is the best degree out there and here’s why

You’re lying to yourselves if you think otherwise

From Cardiff’s win, to coach nightmares: here’s the low down on this year’s Varsity

WH Smith isn’t what you think it is…

Here are some of the best chants you deffo need to know for this year’s Varsity

‘la la la la la’ will be stuck in your head

Drop everything, because the ultimate bouncy castle experience is coming to Cardiff

Finally, your adult-child self can be accepted

20 things you’ve learnt after your fresher year at Cardiff Uni

The Sesh can actually take place any day of the week

Scouting for Girls will be at Walkabout in Cardiff

Elvis ain’t dead and they’re coming to the Diff

Roll up roll up: places that are serving Cawl in Cardiff on St. David’s Day

No, it’s not munge

Ammanford: The true capital of the world

“It’s about 30 minutes from Swansea”

Forget Netflix and chill, Queen Street Greggs is turning into a fine dining restaurant for Valentine’s Day

Get more sausage than you’ve bargained for