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Nominations are open for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette

Who will be crowned fittest of the fit?

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It’s the last thing you’d expect in a packet of rice

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He’s signing albums in HMV tonight

Student unable to vote because Cardiff Uni didn’t pass her details on

They only found out the night before the election

‘I’ve had my vote stolen from me’: 200 Cardiff students unable to vote due to admin error

Cardiff Council said “our hands are tied”

Jeremy Corbyn visited south Wales over the weekend

A Welsh tour just days before the General Election

Cardiff Uni are transforming some libraries into study spaces only

Collections are going digital as a result

A Cardiff student was so drunk he thought he met Paul Chuckle in Live Lounge

One too many doubles maybe?

Cardiff SU to undertake campaign to reduce Carbon emission to zero by 2025

The audience voted for an amendment

‘I was terrified’: Grace Millane’s alleged killer tried to suffocate another Tinder date during sex

The witness told the court it was also during sex

You can now work out if your vote will count more at Uni or at home

It’s a difficult decision to make

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This is what the SU have to say about Cardiff Met and USW going to Y Plas

Someone hold back the Cardiff Uni students

The Cardiff Met Wikipedia now says they’re better than ‘Tories at Cardiff Uni’

They’ve hit back

Someone has changed the Cardiff Met Wikipedia to call them ‘leeches that ruin Wednesdays’

The beef continues

You’ll only understand these photos if you live in Cardiff

Happy days

Cardiff promo wars: Why you’re seeing two fighting events on FB right now

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Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ at the SU

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