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Co-Editor of The Cardiff Tab
English Lit and History undergrad @ Cardiff Uni

New West Wing halls requested permission to let out rooms to non-students after failing to fill the rooms

Up to 215 rooms became available to non-student residents

We asked you the worst ways you’ve fucked over your housemates without them knowing

And you people are utter savages

Students forced to move into a building site because their luxury halls weren’t finished in time for Freshers

The ‘West Wing’ halls were due to be finished by September 2019

It’s official, letting agency fees have been banned across Wales

The new law will save Cardiff students hundreds of pounds

Don’t freak out but Ikea is giving all students a £10 voucher

And Cardiff Ikea is one of the first stores to start the voucher

Cardiff Uni student found guilty of having indecent images of children on his phone

He told police officers he ‘could not stop’

Everyone get your dancing shoes on because Curtis is coming to Cardiff in October

Gather round you talented, young ladies

I was homeless as a teen, now I’ve graduated from Cardiff with a first

Emily also had a baby in her second year

Victim of St. Mary Street’s stabbing has been named

A man has been arrested in connection with the murder

Delay in processing student visas could cost Cardiff Uni £200,000

They might not get their visas until late into their studies

Cardiff Uni kicked anti-vaxx student off healthcare course and paid them £9000 compensation

The uni paid them £5,000 for the “distress” caused

Cardiff is home to one of the most colourful streets in Wales

It may be brighter than all of our future’s combined

Cathays Station is now partially open following police investigation

You can now access Cathays Station via Senghenydd Road only

Stop everything you’re doing: There’s a Dachshund Cafe coming to Cardiff

If this doesn’t get you through your exams then nothing will

The people have spoken and these are Cardiff’s Top Couples of 2019

Love is in the air in the Diff

The 21-year-old woman found dead on Glynrhondda Street has been named

South Wales Police launched a murder investigation into her death yesterday

I ordered an Uber in Cardiff and it turned into a late night mobile karaoke party

The driver goes by the name of ‘Cabbyoke Ray’

These are the best gluten-free lunch spots in Cardiff

Or even breakfast, if you’re an early bird

Here are the best dressed of Fight Night 2019

Never knew you lot could scrub up so well

We’re back at it again with the classic Clubbers of the Week

Throw them shapes like no one’s watching