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Every reason why second year is so much better than first year

You’re basically a silverfish if you think otherwise

After first year, you think life can't get any better and there definitely can't be any more VKs to consume. So you go home for summer, buzzed at the fact you managed to pass your first year at uni whilst also never missing a single Quids In (the bouncers in Pryzm basically know your name, let alone just your face). You think to yourself "nothing can top first year", but you my friend, are very wrong.

Apart from having to actually work a little harder this year and not merely scrape a pass (fuck), second year has already revealed itself as being your best year yet, and we're only in the first term. Here are the top reasons why second year is so much better than first year.

Uni House

Who knew that you could cherish four walls and a roof so much? It's been a standard luxury in your existence so far but being in those grubby student halls has shown you just how perfect a standard student house could be. You actually have a garden too.

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An actual SOFA… oh and a washing machine

Alongside this wonderful house you've found yourself living in, you now also have the option to sit on a real life SOFA. Gone are the days where you either choose between the kitchen chair or your single bed, sofas are back in your life and you can't thank second year enough. Plus, you don't have to traipse around Taly with your bright pink knickers on show anymore, YOU HAVE YOUR OWN WASHER TOO. But I guess this means no excuse for not washing your clothes now- typical.

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The sofa is the social hub of the house

No more Taly South reception

On the note of being out of student halls, if you were fortunate to be a Taly South legend then you will understand the unfortunate greeting you had with the women at Taly South reception. Honestly, I don't think anyone hates their job more than those guys. But, second year means your Missguided delivery actually comes straight to the door. #winning


Everyone knows that it's always hard to forget your first love- I'm looking at you Fattoush- but there are always better things waiting for us on the road ahead, with that road being called 'Salisbury'. Second year has gifted us with the greatest thing Cathays has ever known, The Family Fish Bar. A night out simply isn't complete without chippy chips and they definitely put Fattoush to shame.

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Chips and curry sauce every day for the rest of my life pls

You're a five minute walk to uni

Remember those days where you had to give yourself at least half an hour to walk all the way from halls to your lecture? Lol, bless your little Fresher cotton socks. Second year means that uni is basically in your back garden- not quite but still close. And you can have maaaaaany lie-ins during the week now, not just on the weekend.

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I see you uni

There's no more silverfish

Unless you're extremely unfortunate and they've travelled with you.

The Woody is on your doorstep

Not only is uni just down the road, but the Woody is closer than ever. What better way to spend your week nights than a few bevvys with the lads and maybe even some cheap meals, because who can actually be arsed to cook food anyway?

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Get the pints in

No more silly Fresher chants or being bullied at the socials

Let's face it, most of us grew a dreadful fear for The Lash every Wednesday after we realised socials can get brutal and involve a lot of heavy drinking. We would have nightmares of 'down it Fresher' and the feeling of Dark Fruits chugging down our throats. Thankfully, all of that is behind us and it's now our turn to see what the fun is all about.

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Those poor innocent girls… I mean DOWN IT YOU SILLY FRESHAAAAA


Gone are the days where you'd trek to big Tesco near Taly for overpriced fruit and veg. Now you have Lidl round the corner, and everything is dirt cheap- including the booze. You can also pick up something from Lidl bakery on the way to uni.

Brekkie at Cafe 37

Another extraordinary place that has blessed the streets of Cathays is our beloved Cafe 37. It's not everywhere you can get top quality food for cheap prices but our Cafe 37 never lets us down and it deserves a spot on our list as it serves a full greasy fry-up with a drink for just £5. Stag Coffee and The Early Bird Cafe are also classic brunch hotspots just around the corner too.

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Those hash browns should be framed and put up next to my grad pic next year

All in all, second year is so far proving to be the highlight of uni, what even was first year? Cathays life shits all over student halls and if you think otherwise, then you should go and live in Roath with the Met students.