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A giant inflatable warehouse rave is coming to Cardiff

Think Total Wipeout, meets underground drum and bass


This Freshers' Fortnight, re-jog your memory of the 2010 Total Wipeout hype and be prepared to take on the challenge, as a giant, inflatable rave is coming to Cardiff.

This October, Vale Warehouse, down Penarth Road will be totally transformed into a big kids playground, as giant inflatables, obstacles, and challenges will be taking place in the middle of a rave night hosted there.

On Wednesday the 3rd October, the huge new Cardiff venue will be complete with adult bouncy castles, a ball pit, human wrecking ball zone, wipeout sweeping arm, gladiator duel and more. The event will give you major Total Wipeout nostalgia and the opportunity to see how hard the contestants of the show actually had it- just with the addition of alcohol and loud music.

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You'll even be able to vote for what inflatables you want on the night- as they have everything from an inflatable twister, to an unclimable ladder.

In addition to this, there will also be a MAYHEM rave zone. So you can also expect to experience a proper rave with lasers, CO2 jets and a pumping dance floor with DJs providing an eclectic soundtrack of drum and bass, bassline and house big-hitters.

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So, in a world that becomes more serious by the day, MAYHEM is set to remind people to be silly before the real work of uni begins.

A spokesperson from the event has said, “Everyone has a big kid within them and Mayhem will bring that out in people!”

An inflatable playground rave is yet another reason that Cardiff Freshers' Fortnight is the best.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here.