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Cardiff is officially the UK’s capital of unhealthy eating

It has more Gregg’s and Domino’s stores than any other UK city

In a recent study released by finance firm FXTM, it has been shown that Cardiff is the UK's capital of unhealthy eating, with 30 major fast food franchises for every 100,000 people. This is the most fast food outlets relative to a city's size than anywhere else in the UK.

Cardiff is also the Gregg's and Domino's capitals of the UK, with 25 Gregg's and 10 Domino's stores. Shockingly, these high figures do not even account for the Welsh capital's many independent food outlets, such as those on Chippy Lane or student favourites such as Family Fish Bar.

Cardiff, which has a population of over 360,000 people, hosts large numbers of fast food shops including 20 Subways, 11 McDonald's and 7 Burger King stores.

See below: Map of the multiple Gregg's stores in Cardiff

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(Source: Wales Online)

The study crowned the healthiest city as Sheffield, which has around 23 less fast food restaurants per 100,000 people than Cardiff. Newcastle was found to have the highest number of McDonald's per person, whilst Swansea has half as many fast food franchises per person than the Welsh capital.

Cardiff has retained it's 'unhealthy' reputation from a 2017 VoucherCodes survey which found that Cardiff residents spend an average of £86.80 a month on takeaways alone. The main spending for the population of Cardiff was on fast food and takeaways, equating to £1,041 a year. However, in cities such as Oxford, residents spent the most money on gym memberships and exercise classes, spending £1,000 a year.

… The city may have unhealthy eating tendencies, but on the bright side at least Cardiff is beating Swansea at something!