A Cardiff University technician accidentally invited the whole of BioSci to his retirement drinks

More than 2000 people drinking in The Taf will be a squeeze

A Cardiff University technician accidently invited the whole of the Bioscience department to his leaving drinks next week.

John Harris, a Senior Technician at Cardiff University's Bioscience department, announced he'd be having leaving drinks for his retirement at The Taf next Thursday. What he didn't anticipate, was that over 2000 undergrad and postgrad students in the Bio Science department would also recieve this invitation, after he accidentally copied the whole BIOSCI group into the emails.

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Of course it not suprising that John's email has provoked some classic responses making light of the situation. Bioscience undergrad Scott McGowan joked:

"Can’t wait, let’s get wonky! See you soon John! Bring Sweeney!!!!!"

Whilst others have responded saying "see you there mate".

However, John has confirmed that he did not intend on inviting the whole of Bioscience to his leaving drinks, stating that:

"It should have just been staff and PHD students" who were sent the invitation over email.

Either way he'll be having a good retirement send off, as the Taf does not disappoint.