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Stop what you’re doing and find out what your fave Lidl bakery item says about you

It’s scientifically proven.

As a Cardiff student, what you choose at Lidl bakery practically defines you as a person. Whether you're a cookie girl or a pizza slice lad, we have got you sussed. We know what you wear, when you hit the library and can guess the majority of your diet. So here is our definitive guide of what your fave bakery item says about your true identity.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

The smart cookie. These are the sharpest students Cathays has to offer. They know the bakery inside out and even know when it gets re-stocked. These are the people who are in the library before nine every morning and grab their cookies en route for a long, hard day of studying. They're also a bit boring and set in their ways- like a good old boring choc chip cookie.

Jam filled doughnut

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The basic bitch. They're both basic and bitchy. With their winged eyeliner and Kylie Cosmetics covered lips they probably take an insta-worthy pic of themselves with this doughnut accompanied by a Starbucks venti on the side. Obviously it's posted on a Sunday to maximise those all important likes. They also wear sportswear but have never been seen in a gym and they probably spent hours choosing their basic red puffer jacket.

Ring doughnut

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Hardcore gym addict. They hit Lidl on their cheat days and enjoy feeling superior over those of us scrambling for the last pizza slice. They choose the ring doughnut because it has less calories as it has a massive hole in the middle but it's enough to fulfil their sugar fix. They're also a bit extra, hence the sprinkles.

Vegetable pizza slice

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The Cardiff lad. Probably recovering from a heavy night of drinking Dark Fruits, they rock up to Lidl in desperate need of a classic pizza slice to sober them up. They're the kind of guys you might get with during Freshers' Week and later regret for the rest of your uni life. They probably still Snapchat you 'someone talk?' as they munch on their bland pizza slice. They're also incredibly guilty of the 2am "you up?" text.

Goat's cheese and pesto focaccia

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The classic Fiat 500 girl. They're the girl who went to Italy once and ate focaccia on the balcony that overlooked the Colloseum. They reminisce over their villa holidays in Greece as they enjoy 'authentic' feta from Lidl's finest. Get off your high horse hun, you're still eating from Lidl's bakery.

Butter Croissant

Erasmus students or language students. The language students pride themselves on being so continental after their camping holiday to the south of France where they got to live 'like a local'. They try desperately to prove their adoration for European culture by clearing the Lidl shelves of croissants, brie and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Now that you're hungry from seeing all these baked goods, you may as well procrastinate even more and venture out to get your fave snack. At least you now know what your Lidl choice says about you, so you can live up to your true potential.