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Cardiff Students’ Union are not supporting the lecturer strikes

“As a Students’ Union we have to put the interests of our student members first”

Cardiff Students' Union have released a statement today saying that they do not support the lecturer strikes.

This is after 14 days of strike action were announced by the University College Union (UCU), starting on February 22nd.

The Statement said that although they did agree with the principles of the strike as "academics should be remunerated fairly and sustainably as our academic community is the backbone of the University", they went on to say that:

"As a Students’ Union we have to put the interests of our student members first and we are unable to support any action that will substantially affect the student experience."

The SU went on to say that a number of students had contacted them with regards to the strikes, and their concerns on the impact of their teaching.

The Students' Union furthered this by saying "we strongly encourage UCU to consider the impact of any proposed action and to ensure that the student experience is put first."

The UCU announced the following 14 days of strikes last week: February 22nd-23rd, February 26th-28th, March 5th-8th and March 12th-16th.

For more information on the Students' Union statement click here.