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Help, I’m addicted to having boyfriends and I can’t stop

Sorry, I was just thinking about boys

I have not been single for more than six weeks in the last three years yet, I've never cheated or moved on before I'm ready to. Somehow I just always have a boyfriend or am seeing someone, lucky me eh.

It's almost like I have this addiction, where after a mere few hours of being single I'm already looking for that next hit of snuggles and free chips.

But in fairness, boyfriends are just great for so many reasons…

Date night

Everyone loves a date night, a cute night at Turtle Bay followed by a film in bed snuggled under your fairy lights. What more could you want, you'll even get the odd free drink or meal when he's feeling super nice.

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Guaranteed sex

This is no doubt one of the highlights. Feeling horny one night? Give him a call and he'll even spoon you after. He's your boyfriend, he knows what you like better than some SU lad whose name you can't remember. It's also a well known fact sex with someone you like/love is always better therefore sex with boyfriend is better.

Company 24/7

Unless you're long distance, you never have to be apart. Whether you want a film night, a date or just a spoon – he's always gonna be there. Ideal for when you're hungover and just need attention.

Why suffer apart when you can suffer together instead?

Couple photos

These always get many likes on Instagram followed by comments of "goals" and "fittest couple". Make sure your bae is as fit as you are so the pair of you look Instagrammable.



Valentines, anniversaries, Christmas. Any excuse to celebrate and be coupley. Meals out, takeaways, presents, sex. The three main selling points of being in a relationship. Relationships give you the opportunity to go out and be cute and get presents, what more could you want? You'll even get a shag.

No more dodgey one night stands

You no longer have to experience dry spells and find yourself desperately searching for your next night of let down. You can go to the Lash, get boozey and then go home to ya boy who will even have food ready for you.

I can see the regret in her face

Outfit advice

I don't know about you but I always struggle to decide what to wear, which is when my boyfriend comes in handy. He tells me I look great in anything and knows my wardrobe inside out so is great at picking me an outfit. His photo album is full of my selfies "this one with black jeans or this one with white jeans?"

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Thoughts please babe?

And there you have it, all the reasons why you should go out and find yourself a boyfriend. Then download Bumble and get swiping ladies.