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We spoke to the Cardiff second year who spent a day with Made in Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey

Yes, he really is that hench

All Made in Chelsea fans in The Diff, listen up. Louise Thomson's hunky boyf Ryan Libbey was in Cardiff last week, and spent the day with a student from Cardiff University.

Libbey visited Cardiff as part of his university tour around the UK, which he has filmed as part of his new Vlog series, due to go out this Sunday on his Youtube channel. During his tour of the unis, Libbey spent fitness days with the lucky students, teaching them new exercises and advising them on how to improve their strength building techniques.

Libbey is a keen fitness fanatic and even studied in Cardiff himself (Met), graduating with a 2:1 in Sports, Bio-medicine and Nutrition. So despite, his reality TV persona and gym lad appearance, Libbey is actually well qualified in fitness and health.

Cardiff University second year, Tom Tait, who studies Mechanical Engineering, was the lucky winner of the fitness day with Libbey. The Tab Cardiff spoke to him, to uncover what the real Ryan Libbey is like and what the fitness day consisted of.

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Firstly, have you always been into sports and fitness, and do you regularly go to the gym, or are you part of any sporting societies?

Yes, I’ve always been into sport and have played anything I’ve had the chance to. I regularly train in the gym here at Cardiff and at home. I’m part of the Cardiff University Lacrosse team, playing for the men’s 1st team. I’m always trying to be active by doing some sort of training or sport.

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How did you get the opportunity to take part in this fitness day with Ryan?

He posted a picture on Instagram advertising the opportunity. In order to win the chance to participate, people had to message him asking to be put into a draw and I was chosen.

Did you receive a personal message off Ryan himself, to tell you that you'd won?

Yes, I had a message from him personally and then his agent emailed me and called me to confirm the details of the day.

Did you know much about Ryan before this experience?

Yes, as I'm a fan of Made in Chelsea.

Did you get to have a lot of conversation with him during the day?

Yes, we were with him from 11:30 until around 4:00 and spoke a lot about fitness, health, training and lifestyle.

Did you talk much about the show?

No he didn't really say much about the show.

Was he like what you expected him to be?

Yes, he was genuinely really nice and interested in getting to know us, he was really funny as well.

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Look at them pecs

What did the fitness day mainly consist of?

So the day consisted of going to the gym in the Students' Union and learning some new exercises. Ryan answered any questions we had and then from there onwards we went to lunch with him and ate a huge amount of food. We finished the day with some freebies, which was good.

I mainly focused on asking Ryan how to improve athleticism and diet whilst at uni. In terms of exerise, we focused on compound movements to help athleticism, by training with tempo and explosive power.

Did you enjoy the day, what did you get out of it?

The day was amazing. I mostly learnt about managing diet and and my time in and out the gym, in order to maximise my progress. I also learnt some different training variations.

Has Ryan followed you on social media or kept in contact?

He hasn’t followed me, but he has commented and liked pictures I’ve posted on Instagram. He has my phone number to get in touch and track my training progress.

Finally, the most important question. Is he really THAT hench in real life?

Yes, although he is not quite as tall as he looks on TV.

Unfortunately Ryan has left Cardiff now, and has returned to the millionaire lifestyle in SW1. But hopefully he'll return again, to give us some fitness tips at the SU.