Everything that will make every Cardiff student tingle with excitement

When he can carry six VKs at once

Anytime anyone suggests getting chips from fam fish after a night out – or fattoush if you’re a fresher

It’s 3am and everyone is chanting YAYA YAYA YAYA YAYA… and that saucy devil whispers in your ear, “I want chips”.

When you know varsity is around the corner and can drink all day

My entire time at university has led to this moment.

The moment anyone suggests wings on a Wednesday

Odds you drown it in Naga sauce

That moment when you walk out of taly and there’s a taxi ready to take you to Revs

I know that’s not my name it’s booked under but we’re all God’s children, just take us to the sesh drive?

When your mate texts you after Juice the night before, asking if you want a cafe 37

Sauages and maple syrup soaked pancakes is the only cure.


 Whenever any of the rugby teams come and train in the gym

I’m just gonna work on my squats for seven hours don’t mind me.

Walking into the ASSL and finding a plug and a free seat

Even J.R.R Tolkien couldn’t write a story with this much fantasy.

Going to Lidl bakery just when they bring out fresh pastries

I once heard that in the winter of 09′ there wasn’t even a mile long queue for a whole ten minutes.

When eduroam bloody works

Right exactly when you’re putting your work through turnitin and the connection stays strong.

Making free entry at the lash

TREAT YO SELF. You earned that extra VK by vaulting the entire queue.

Not being creeped on by an old guy in live lounge

She’s spotted him behind the photographer

Truly one of life’s greatest miracles

When a guy in chinos who hits on you is actually fit

Come to daddy.

When your mate disappears and comes back with VKs for the squad

I’m sorry Amazon, I’m not sure I ordered a legend

Thankyou oh kind one, how can I ever repay you?

When the person behind the bar in the Taf asks if you want those two pints in one cup

I thought you’d never ask.

Brb need to take a cold shower, after all this excitement…