There’s a campaign to have a train station installed at Talybont

Dreams really do come true

Discussions for the installation of a train station at Talybont Halls, the largest of Cardiff University’s residences, is currently underway.

Students are being encouraged to respond to an online consultation run by Transport for Wales, which closes tomorrow, mentioning a stop at Talybont “as many times as appropriate”.

Extra data is also being collected to present to the Welsh Government, in the hope they will take the idea into consideration.

Sophie Timbers, President of Cardiff University Students’ Union, wrote in a Facebook post: “You elected to me to get the discussion going about installing a train station stop at Talybont.

“Over the last several months, I’ve been talking to lots of different groups in the community inc relevant businesses, students, residents, and Universities in the area to build a strong case and create some discussion on the topic.

“I’m asking you to have your voice heard and respond to the consultation below mentioning a stop at Talybont as many times as appropriate.

“If you can’t spare the time out of revision, I understand, but please spread the word! We have until tomorrow!”

Let’s be honest, it would make the trip to lectures easier.