Why everyone secretly wishes that they could be from Bath

It’s the jewel in the South West

Admittedly it’s expensive. Very middle class. Maybe even a little pretentious. But there is no point denying that Bath is one of the most beautiful and cultured cities in the UK, if not the world.

Telling your mates at uni that you’re from Bath can be a risky exercise; they’ll say that you’re posh and read Jane Austen in bed every night. Actually, they’re more than likely a little jealous as they secretly wish that they too could originate from a city as stunning and refined as Bath but they just don’t want to admit it.

So why does everyone secretly wish that they could be from Bath?

It’s absolutely beautiful 

Like your naturally attractive friend, Bath looks gorgeous in all kinds of weather. From the charismatic Georgian buildings to the pretty cobbled streets, it boasts attractions such as Bath Abbey, The Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and The Circus. The elegant city is so special that it’s been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracting hundreds of thousands of gawping tourists each year.

It’s steeped in culture

You can’t move in Bath for theatres, museums and art galleries. It regularly holds festivals including the annual Bath Literature Festival and the Bath Film Festival. People will automatically see you as much more refined and well educated than you actually are when you announce that you’re from Bath. Indeed, Jane Austen lived in Bath for a period in her life (but she never actually liked the city).

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It’s stylish

Bath doesn’t just consist of pretty buildings to gawp at. From boutique luxury shops to the famous Southgate shopping centre, Bath is a paradise and a half for shoppers. Most people are achingly stylish and outlandishly good looking. There’s outfit inspiration everywhere you go so you can forget looking at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas.

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You’re not short of places to eat or drink

It’s ridiculously easy to splurge when you’re in Bath and this is partly because of the tempting range of restaurants and bars it boasts. Bath is home to some of the most unique and classiest cocktail bars from quirky underground Greek bar Opa to luxurious Sub 13. With high end pubs and Michelin star dining, you’re never hungry and your wallet is never heavy.

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Classy doesn’t even come close to describing it

Every city has a rowdy side, but Bath is just generally very classy and exudes a sense of calm. Walking around the city can be likened to getting a luxurious massage in the sense that it brings about a feeling of peace and tranquillity. You’re more likely to get hit by the Park & Ride on Milson Street than you are running into a pack of hooligans.

There’s nowhere else like it

Where else in the UK can you bathe in spa water that come from the natural hot springs under the city? Or walk along Pulteney bridge which is one of the only historic bridges in the world to have shops built on it? Bath is such a unique city that it has its own way of life; indeed the phrase living in the “Bath bubble” is one that is commonly used.

Maybe you think that I’ve raved about Bath too much. But I don’t care what you think – you’re just jealous that you don’t live there.