Cardiff Met is getting a new campus

It will aim to bring in 2,000 new students by 2024

A new campus is being planned for Cardiff Met. This will be in addition to its two current campuses: Cycncoed which is known for its sport and Llandaff, which is more creative.

The new ‘School of Technologies’ will aim to bring in 2,000 new students by 2024.

This new campus will be geared towards computing and aims to prepare and educate students in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and data science.

The new site for this campus is still under discussion due to many considerations not just for the university, but for the city and it’s urban development.

One of the front runners is the Callaghan Square site in the city centre, which is a five acre development site owned by the Welsh government and Cardiff council.

Alongside this, other options include sites at the Cardiff Waterside property scheme in Cardiff Bay.

The new ‘School of Technologies’ would have huge importance regarding fusing with some big technology companies across Cardiff and Wales, helping students improve their employability prospects.

Funding is a massive question for the university and there are a variety of employers and businesses interested. They are still being looked into and there is talk of possible educational partners such as Phoenix.

It looks like Cardiff is showing no sign of slowing down in terms of development and growth.