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Ruth Rose


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We spoke to University of Manchester students about what they think of the counselling services

‘My counsellor told me it was like having the sword of Damocles hanging over her’

Meet the 2 for £5 wine girl: The tactical drinker every night out needs

She drinks more Echo Falls than water

Vote for Fallowfield’s Finest Takeaway: Round One

Let the battle commence

The Tab Manchester presents: the battle for Fallowfield’s finest takeaway

We will see Kebab Kingers and Allen’s Chicken Crusaders fighting to the death for this one

Fatboy Slim has confirmed he will be playing at Warehouse Project

Tickets go on sale this week

I got engaged in Freshers’ but I’m not boring, I promise

We’re getting married in eight months

You can get free Greggs in Manchester tomorrow

Not just any Greggs, CHRISTMAS GREGGS

We asked Manchester students how safe they feel in Fallowfield

It’s pretty depressing tbh

The Vengaboys are coming to Manchester

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom they’re really coming soon

The reality of dropping out of university

An insight into the stages of chaos you go through when dropping out of university

Boyfriends, this is a guide to your girlfriend’s time of the month

Yeah, I am talking about periods

Every reason why cheating on your partner can make your relationship stronger

Respect that it’s a personal decision between a couple

KoKo’s are having an anniversary party with £2 pints

Do we need to say any more?

Cardiff Met is getting a new campus

It will aim to bring in 2,000 new students by 2024

There is more to a Sport and Exercise degree than being in the gym and chugging a pint


Things you know if you grew up in Exeter, the best city in Devon

You haven’t lived till you have had a Firehouse pizza

The mysterious happenings that will occur in the girls’ club toilet

Such a sacred place

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher: Introducing Jess Williams

Courtney the dildo goes everywhere with her

Everything you know if you have to work a match day

Beer, rowdy fans and lots of layers

A handy guide on how to become a charity shop pro

Why buy new clothes when another man’s trash can be your treasure?

What you need to know about Saturday’s Women’s March on London

Where you need to go and when

The Fest is staying at Glam

So no Pryzm then?

Every feminist stereotype you’re bound to come across on your journey to enlightenment

Good luck

Everything you know if you’re in a long distance relationship at uni

Distance, you suck.

Justin Bieber is set to perform in Cardiff

He’ll be performing at the Principality Stadium

Meet the Cardiff fourth year with a hot tub in his back garden

Taking Netflix and chill to the next level

The classic landmarks of a night in Soda

You’ll get kicked out of VIP because you’re not meant to be in there