There is more to a Sport and Exercise degree than being in the gym and chugging a pint


Sports students are a special kind of breed. Around campus it’s easy to spot them from the humanities lot who waltz around in there own uniform of artistic over-sized shirts and septum piercings.

There are many misconceptions of sports students, most assuming we have biceps bigger than our IQs. However, there is more to a sport and exercise degree then being in the gym and chugging a pint. We even do maths…

What are jeans again?

The unspoken dress code for lectures and anything in life, other than going out, is sports wear. Lecture halls consist of a sea of Gym Shark and My Protein tank tops, not to mention the obscene amount of sliders. If once in a blue moon someone rocks up in jeans they are likely to receive many confused looks. They will be ripped into, not to mention looking very out of place.

Always repping

Protein shakers are the compulsory accessory

From rushing out the door and just about making your 9am lecture to running to pre-drinks, protein shakers are used for everything from breakfast to dirty pints. Rumour has it some of the rugby boys even sleep with them tucked up in bed next to them.

Always reliable

Smoking stigma

As most people on the course are athletes themselves and fact learn a lot about health and nutrition, the ratio of smokers is very low compared to other courses. It’s rare to see someone smoking, and when you do follows a heavy judgment. Well, throughout the day anyway, nights out is a whole different ball game.

Thursday is a write off

With most people belonging to a sports team and Wednesday being sports socials, lectures on a Thursday are an absolute write off and will have the lowest numbers by far. It is also not out of the ordinary that if people do turn up to lectures on a Thursday, the aftermath from the night before is quite apparent with the aroma of alcohol and faint remains of last night’s fancy dress.


Yes, it is a real degree

You are the only one allowed to slag off your degree. No one takes you seriously and takes the piss assuming we spend the whole time in the gym or downing a pint which is only partially true. Yes it’s a real degree, and yes we even do maths in biomechanics. We would like to see you try your hand at a biomechanics equation on a hangover.

X y Z??

Drinking might as well be a module

Sport students tend to be very competitive and can turn anything into a game and can turn any game into a drinking game. From taking out the rubbish to finishing an essay, even lectures.

Bevs, Bevs, Bevs

Sports students are the best students. Not only do we know how to have a good time, but we know how to push ourselves and achieve our goals. So maybe think twice next time slag off a sports science degree.