How much does it cost to be Cardiff University student?

Fashion comes at a price

University, as we all know, can be a very expensive matter for many of us. Whilst at the start of term it’s 241 Burgers at the Woody, funds do whittle down to Lidl’s finest baked beans – student gourmet at it’s best. I mean, that university embezzled stash does not come cheap, even if it does fall apart after a couple of weeks. Yet even with an article every year about how to save money appearing in September, we all spend a fortune. Who knows why we do it, but you’re only a student once? Anyways, has the stats to maybe explain why being in the best city in Wales costs so much.


Food glorious food, oh how brilliant you are. From courgetti spaghetti to steak and chips, it’s all most of us can think about. Quite often in my house fights break out if we don’t have a meal in time. But, whilst everyone up and down the land has the same basic requirements it seems that only finest will do in the diff, spending £143 per month – presumably all on Lidl bakery.



Who doesn’t love going out? Lash night at the SU, Pryzm on the Friday and hangover breakfast on the Saturday at Café 37. Apparently, us nutters at Cardiff certainly know what’s what coming in the upper half of the list spending £130 a month. Out of interest, we have a better time than Swansea who spends just £108 a month, amateurs.


Sports stash is not cheap I give you that. I own my fair share and it certainly hits the wallet hard. I mean even Primark (Pry-mark not pre-mark) isn’t cheap. A couple of jumpers, a snazzy new going out outfit and some socks can set you back more than you bargained for. Apparently, we spend £396 a year, which is £33 a month. Not too bad? Maybe opt for the homemade social outfits for next Halloween.


Has no one heard of the library? Why are you spending so much on books? £456 a year??? The ASSL is open all the time for goodness sake. This is criminal I say, CRIMINAL. Or maybe everyone else just does more work than me…

Who really needs a first?


Ugh, washing bane of everyone’s life. Having to use those overpriced Circuit washing machines that break down all the flipping time, whilst your favourite t-shirt turns into a crop top because of the dryer. Apparently, it costs us a whopping £20 a month. That’s £180 a year that could be spent on VKs.