Journalism second year had her passport stolen in Prague

Over £300 and a lot of stress later, she’s now on her way home

Laura George, 21 is a second year Journalism student at Cardiff Uni. She was having the time of her life on the annual JOMEC society social in Prague last week, that is until her passport was stolen in a nightclub and she was stuck in the Czech Republic’s capital.

Laura tells The Tab “On Saturday the 21st, the morning after a night out, I realised my money and passport were missing out of my bag, and I reported it to the police straight away.

“My friend and I walked back to the club to see if it was there, but the lady at the desk told me it had probably been stolen and not to bother searching and to just contact the embassy”.

Thanks British Embassy ✈️#emergencypassport #woops #noonestealthis #imcominghoooomee

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Laura’s work had recently taken a photocopy of her passport, so she was able to get her manager to forward her the copy, but unfortunately that was rejected as a form of ID by the airport.

“That was the point where I started to cry, but I soon realised I needed to get my shit together and plan what to do next. I rang my parents who honestly have been incredible, and they managed to get me a hotel nearby and find out where the British Embassy was for me.

Prague loving

“The next day, I got up at 6am and was trying to figure my way around the city in -14 degree temperature. I got to the British Embassy, and I was the first one at the door waiting. They then made me take off my coat and scarf, turn my phone off and walk through a metal detector. I had meetings with members of the embassy and had to fill in endless forms, and take passport pictures.

“I had to pay £100 for my emergency passport, which I got after an hour. The Embassy have deactivated the stolen passport so it can’t be used, but the whole thing’s been very scary, I felt like I was part of a movie!”

Laura ended up paying more than £300 for a new passport, flights and the hotel, but thankfully she’s now on her way back to Cardiff.