Cardiff’s Most Eligible Bachelorette of 2016

This is the gal you all voted for

There were heats, and there were finals, and the votes are in.

Cardiff, you’ve voted for your most eligible bachelorette, and the crown goes to…



21 year old Holly likes to describe herself as ‘Cardiff’s #1 Social Butterfly’ as she dabbles with the Medical School, Uni Hockey Club and Astronomy Society. This third year won your votes by storm, and we spoke to her about her newly retained title.

So firstly, why do you think you’re so desirable?

Probably my amazing tits and legendary banter.


How are you planning to celebrate?

Get a tattoo of my title.

Could you ever imagine this would happen to you?

No, but I’m sure my parents are very proud.


Do you think it will change you as a person?

No I’m already as close to perfect as it gets.

How are you going to deal with the pressure of your bachelorettedom every time you grace clubs with your presence?

Probably run away like I do with all my problems.


What’s your advice to any hopeful bachelorettes out there?

Live the dream, aim high, and if you believe you achieve.

Describe your perfect partner.

Someone who will look after my phone on a night out.

Would you go on a date with the most eligible bachelor?

Only if he can live up to my sick dance moves.


If there’s one thing about this winner, it’s that she likes it short and sweet.