Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor: Heat three

Third time’s a charm

We present to you our third batch of nominated eligible bachelors.

Jonny Evans


Jonny is a notorious womaniser at the Lash. He captures women with his charm and ginger locks. Well known for his reputation as the boozy legend of Cardiff, he’s had many women on the go at once. Despite his limited strike rate, when he does strike it is with venom. He likes to treat a girl right and would take you to the Vulcan for a date. Not to mention he will get you a 2 for £8 meal.

Harry Allen


Harry ‘Drake’ Allen is a second year studying Geography. The 20 year old plays a large part in the cricket society, and is also a keen lager drinker. Harry has very high standards and won’t settle for anything less than a solid 8 and a half.

Joseph Cotter

Joe is a third year studying History who loves rugby, reading and cooking – any lady’s dream. The 20 year old is single because he is an old romantic who likes to do things right. Any woman would be lucky to have him – a true gentleman at heart looking for a lovely lady to woo.

Harry Smallman


Harry is a second year chemistry fanatic, who enjoys rowing and third wheeling. The 19 year old is too intimidated by girls, making him feel lonely as he wants that special someone he can spend hundreds of pounds worth in dinners for.

Fun fact: He’s only lost 75% of his virginity.

Dev Daas


Freshmeat Dev is a first year studying Economics, and plays the trombone at a national level. He goes by the nicknames TromBoner or Big D, and is a core team player in Cardiff University’s Rowing Club. Alongside the trombone he is also a very good singer, and is hireable for Indian weddings. He is seeking a girl with a taste for Indian spice who would ideally be up for something more casual, as he has only recently come out of a previous relationship. He’s a bit of a fuckboy really.

Ben Newman


A rather revealing photo of Ben

Ben is 19 years old yet a fresher, as he was able to take a gap year using mummy and daddy’s money. Also known as Benny-Boy and Benny Big-Bollocks, he studies Urban Planning and Development. It’s really as boring as it sounds, thus he likes to sesh as frequently and as heavily as possible. Hobbies include deep philosophical thinking at 5am after a night out whilst you’re trying to get to sleep, and falling in love with girls after meeting them for a couple of hours. He’s single because he’s always on an emotional rollercoaster, and needs a girlfriend so he can stop going on at his mates about girls breaking his heart.

Fun fact: He’s privately educated, and has in fact used that as an opening chat-up line.

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