Cardiff University Rugby Club will be collecting food for the homeless

In aid of Cardiff Foodbank

Cardiff University Men’s Rugby will be holding a food collection for Cardiff Foodbank on Wednesday 7th December

Collections will be taken outside of the Students Union, on Park Place and Senghenydd Road for those going to BUCS fixtures from 9am.

Requested donations are UHT Milk, fruit juice from concentrate, tinned rice pudding, tinned vegetables & tinned potatoes, breakfast cereals and tea bags.

Tinned and dry foods have been requested

Tinned and dry foods have been requested

The Tab spoke to Social Secretary Stefan Psota with regard to the event: “Homelessness is a real issue in Cardiff, and as a club, we wanted to play our part in helping the community in combatting this issue. We are only asking for small donations, but each donation will go a long way.”