Here’s the worst thing that happened in 2016

It was a tight race

Last week, we asked you what  the worst thing that happened in 2016 was. You voted, and the results are in.

There were seven options and the winner is…

Donald Trump

I mean, it’s not a big surprise is it? The misogynistic pig won the US presidency not even a month ago, and no one was really happy with it.


Trump being the worst thing in 2016 won with 26% of the votes.

In second place was the death of Harambe, with 24% of the votes.

Brexit came in 3rd with 22%, the Great British Bake Off leaving the BBC came in 4th with 16%, and the Celebrity Death Epidemic came in 5th with 8% of the vote.

Coming joint last, with 2% of the votes each, was the changes in student finance and the wave of killer clowns in October.