What’s the worst thing that happened in 2016?

Can it just end now please

In fifty years’ time 2016 will be recorded in textbooks as that year everything went wrong. We thought it would get better, but as the weeks go on our news still drowns in just as many problems and misery as it has been since New Years Day.

When is it going to end?

Donald Trump


Arguably the most horrific is that Trump managed to win the US presidency. How has such a misogynistic and rude man managed to bag himself the White House?

With Trump in charge, crimes and acts of racism have already increased, and soon enough everything Obama has done for the country will be erased. Say goodbye to Obamacare and say hello to violence, abortion punishments, hate crimes, and some overpriced wall.



It was a sad, sad day waking up to find the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. And when only 51.9% of the population voted to leave, was it really a democratic decision?

Since the 23rd June we have gained a Prime Minister and cabinet no one actually voted for, the value of the pound has significantly dropped, and post-Brexit trade deals are going to be negotiated and debated for at least two years, meaning the entire population are unaware what’s going to happen nor how they will be personally affected for a long, long time.

Celebrity Death Epidemic

This year we have had to say goodbye to some of the biggest heroes and legends ever known. Their stamp on the world has left such an impact it has been hard coping on this inhumane planet without them. January kick started 2016 in the worst way possible, as we discovered the deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Terry Wogan.

You would think it couldn’t get any worse, but it wasn’t long before we were crying over  Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Jean Alexander, and Ronnie Corbett as well.

Changes in Student Finance


Sorry Freshers, grants are now a thing of the past. As of this summer, everything is a loan. Even Wales have confirmed they are scrapping tuition grants for Welsh students.

As well as this some universities are beginning to advertise courses as £9,250 for undergraduates next September, so it looks like every aspect of university is on the financial increase. Maybe we shouldn’t order that Dominos after all.

Killer clowns


At the beginning of October, Killer Clowns erupted over the UK after an epidemic spread across America. They wreaked havoc all over the country, spreading fear and distress just before Halloween.

Like, was there any need?

The Great British Bake Off left the BBC


August is the time of year to get the baking bug, and Wednesday nights are not free unless it involves cake and Paul Hollywood. That’s right: Bake Off season.

At least it was until the curse of 2016 struck again and the show decided to move to Channel Four. And it is never going to be the same. Mary Berry, and presenters Mel and Sue won’t be there for a start. And there will be adverts, which means the show will be only forty minutes instead of sixty.


The death of Harambe


We’ve all seen the memes. 17 year old Harambe  was shot dead by a member of staff at Cincinnati Zoo, causing controversy and chaos worldwide.

With the tale of yet another unexpected and untimely death, the public have completely lost their cool with 2016. Harambe (a dead gorilla remember) got voted for president, petitions were made to hold the parents of the child accountable, and Harambe has become one of the best meme stars of the year. The unjust shooting of this poor animal is yet another contributor to an awful year, and the only way the public are mourning is through campaigns such as ‘Dicks out for Harambe’.

But which do you think is the worst?

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