Gentlemen’s Fight Night: A list of the contestants

They undergo five weeks of intensive training

Sixteen fighters have been picked and announced for Cardiff’s first ever white collar boxing event.

They are currently receiving five weeks of intensive training from a professional trainer, in time for the final event. There will be eight fights and three rounds, with over 1,000 people expected to attend.

To simplify matters, we’ve boiled down a list of all the participating contestants on a who fights who basis.

Marcus Barfield Vs. Nick Bamford


Dark Horse Vs. Swipe Right


Harry ‘The Spaniard’ Freeman Vs. Will ‘The Raging’ Bull


Both are from Cardiff University


Alex ‘The Menace’ Loy Vs. Jamie ‘Too Hot for a Fleece’ Rees


Rhondda Vs. Caerphilly a.k.a the battle of the Valleys


William Boss Vs. Drew ‘The Local Gentleman’ George


Drew: “Float like a rock, sting like a dog”


Alex Davies Vs. William ‘Wobbles’ Allman


Competing for the title of heavy weight


Theo ‘The Untouchable’ Wilkins Vs. Sam ‘The Panther’ Yearsley


Sam: “Winners train losers complain”


Tom Martin Vs. Ryan Baker


Tom: Cardiff University, Ryan: USW


Rob ‘Cold Shoulder’ Winter Vs. Thomas ‘The Yorkshire Terrier’ Simmons


Rob: “Winter is coming”

The final event will take place 6th December from 6pm onwards, at Portland House.

Tickets can be purchased here.