The classic landmarks of a night in Soda

You’ll get kicked out of VIP because you’re not meant to be in there

With Replay Wednesday’s being a religious ritual amongst most Cardiff Met students, not to mention that VIP has a better weekly attendance then any lectures, it’s unsurprising there is a non-exhaustive list of inevitable antics that happen when you step through Soda’s threshold.

The empty promises

Before even heading out you will kid yourself that you will make it to your 9am Thursday lecture. By the end of the year you’ll be able to count on one hand how many times you actually made it to the early morning lectures.


Soda is an endless maze of mirrors which can entertain drunken you for hours. Observational studies show there is a positive correlation between the amount of drinks a girl consumes and how often they check themselves out in the mirror.  Alarmingly the lads don’t even need to consume any alcohol to be caught shamelessly flexing throughout the night. Don’t deny it,  we have all done it.

we can see the guy in the background perfectly demonstrating this

Fancy dress

With Soda being a notorious location for socials, fancy dress is a natural part of what makes Soda what it is. It’s thought that you are never more than five metres from some poor fresher stumbling around in a hula skirt and coconuts. Not to mention the rugby boys in there shirt and ties prowling the dance floor. You can get away with pretty much any outfit on a Soda Wednesday, there isn’t anything it hasn’t seen.


There are those particular groups of people who are obsessed about having VIP and insist on being prepared days in advance, but for the rest of us mortals at some point you will inevitably try and sneak past the bouncer into VIP. This normally swiftly follows being kicked out of VIP.

Soda family

The thing about Soda is everyone knows everyone. Walking in you’ll recognise 99 per cent of the club and by the time you leave know the other one per cent. There is a strong family connection between Soda-goers. With the expression of sharing is caring taken to a new levels especially when it comes to pulling.

You’ll fall down the stairs

Smoking area to VIP, VIP to dance floor, downstairs, upstairs there are copious amounts levels which provide regular challenges throughout the night. Avoiding heels is an essential when surviving Soda Wednesdays.


Weather you consider yourself a smoker or not it’s likely you will find yourself spending more time in the smoking area (which now seems to resemble a beach hut) than actually dancing on the dance floor. During your time there you will be asked if you have a spare fag or if someone can “pinch some baccy”, and if you haven’t been asked that means you’re probably the one asking.

Photo credits: Replay Wednesday