Meet Katherine Reid, the girl who won a car at Bingo Lingo

No, seriously…

We all know Bingo Lingo, the event in DEPOT Cardiff where you can play bingo with booze without the worry of pissing off OAPs, but normally, the prizes don’t mirror the finer things in life.

They normally include sex toys, Barbie dolls, the occasional cash prize that we waste anyway because we’re normally bladdered when we win it.

Well, Katherine won a car. A Volkswagen Beetle to be exact.


The event takes place at DEPOT every Friday and tickets are just £5.

We spoke to the 20-year-old Geography third year to discuss the events that unfolded that fateful night.

Had you been to Bingo Lingo before?

“No, I’d never been to Bingo Lingo before. I thought it was going to be like granny’s bingo, but it was actually mental. I loved it!”

How was the night going before you won the car?

“Me and the girls were all pretty tipsy when we arrived so we got some drinks in and spent the whole night singing and dancing to the music and shouting with everyone else when people made a false call.


“We were all there for a good time, we didn’t really expect to win anything. We hadn’t won anything for the whole night. We were devastated when we missed out on the One Direction towel!”

And then you won the car. What happened?

“The car was the prize for the last game of the night. It was going really well but we had all sort of given up on the idea of winning anything.

“Then, all my numbers were coming up and I only had to get a 36. Six numbers went by that weren’t mine and then the 36 came up and we were screaming and shouting ‘Bingo!’ – it was all a bit mad!


“They came over and took my book to check the numbers and the guy was walking up and down the stage shaking his head and I had 100% accepted that I was going to have to stand on the table and get shouted at by the crowd for making a false call. But he grabbed the mic and shouted it was a ‘Bingo!’

“It was all a bit of a blur but we ended up on stage dancing around in confetti and then I got to go meet the car and we were just laughing the whole time. I kept saying, “Oh my god I have a fucking car!”

What are you going to do with the car?

“I don’t know how to drive. It’s ridiculous, I know, but the car is coming home with me and she’s my motivation to pass my test and go whizzing round on the streets.”


What did your parents think?

“I rang my mum when me an the girls were sat in the car. I think she must have thought I was in trouble because it was so noisy on my end, but I told her I got a car and there was lots of, “a real car? Oh my goodness, that’s amazing! How did you manage that! Well done – that’s so exciting!”


“I think I was in so much shock i was just crying and looked such a mess. It was definitely happy tears though!”

Would you go again?

“I would 100% go again. It’s only £5 for a ticket and it’s such a laugh when you’re there.


“The prizes are great and even if you don’t win anything its such a fun night out, I would totally recommend it. And thanks for the car!”