Cardiff students are the fifth most swiped right on Tinder

So that means we’re really fit, right?

Male and female students of Cardiff University ranked in Tinder’s top five most right-swiped nationally.

Tinder collected data to find out, on average, which university students were right-swiped the most.


Whether this means we’re fit or really desperate, we don’t really know.

Women at Cardiff University ranked fourth in the national tables whereas men ranked fifth.

The study revealed London students were most likely to be swiped right in both categories.

In the women’s category, Cardiff was beaten by students at London, Leeds and Cambridge respectably.

However, we beat the University’s of Bristol, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Brighton.

Ranked fifth in the men’s category, Cardiff students beat the University’s of Sheffield, Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Liverpool.