Cardiff has been named one of the worst UK cities to be single

We’re also apparently the shyest in the whole country

Despite what you may have seen on a Monday night in Glam, Cardiff is apparently the second-worst city to be single in the UK.

The ranking comes from a study by dating website Badoo, who analysed data from the Office for National Statistics on the number of single people per city in the UK.

London has the least single people out of any city in the UK, but Cardiff came in second. Leeds, Oxford and Bradford rounded out the top five.

Cardiff residents were also named the shyest in the UK, with only 40 per cent of us being willing to initiate a conversation with a potential partner.

Strangely, the city with the most singletons was the not-exactly-romantic Coventry, followed by Sunderland, Hull, Hartlepool and Glasgow.

Badoo’s Joelle Hadfield said: “It’s striking that some of the most densely populated cities in the UK have a lower concentration of singles.

“We’re noticing that smaller cities pose a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential partner – it’s a huge misconception that big cities equals more fish in the sea.

“Daters in smaller cities may put more effort into meeting their match because of a perceived greater challenge of finding love.”

At least now you have an excuse when you don’t pull in Freshers’ Week.