Cardiff University medics suspended from clinical practice after ‘blacking up’

31 students were suspended after the controversial play ‘Anaphylaxis’

Cardiff University is investigating claims that a medical student wore black face paint to impersonate a lecturer for a charity play.

Initially 31 medics were suspended from clinical practice due to the controversial nature of the play.

Since the beginning of the investigation that number has been reduced to a select few students who will undergo the university disciplinary procedure, and will be given the right to appeal any evidence presented against them.

The play, Anaphylaxis, is run by third year medical students every year. The play carries a disclaimer warding off people who are easily offended.


The impersonated lecturer did not attend the performance

Those under investigation are permitted to continue their studies because the result of the hearing will not be released until after the summer period.

The review will be led by Dinesh Bhugra, professor of Mental Health and Diversity at King’s College London. The students face penalties such as diversity training and expulsion.

An anonymous medic told Gair Rhydd that Anaphylaxis was designed to be “light-hearted” and continued to say that the play “wasn’t any more offensive or outrageous than last year and it’s a shame that this is overshadowing all the hard work and money raised for charity.”

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan said he was “keen for the university to learn lessons” and that “Cardiff University needs to be a place where all our students and staff can thrive, irrespective of their background, and the review is part of our proactive approach to ensuring this.”

A university spokesperson added: “The university aims to establish an inclusive culture, free from discrimination and based upon the values of dignity, courtesy, and respect.

“Any student found to have behaved unacceptably may be the subject of disciplinary action as set out in the Student Disciplinary Code.”