We tried out Cardiff’s newest attraction, Breakout

It’s been open to the public since the 1st of June

The guys at Breakout Cardiff were kind enough to invite myself and a few friends over for a pre-launch attempt at solving one of their mystery ‘escape-room’ style games. The games last one hour, and they test a variety of different skills. We all had so much fun cracking the codes, and it definitely isn’t as easy as it seems!



Without revealing too much I’ll try to explain what we got up to in the hour we had in the ‘challenge room’.

Our room was called ‘Classified’ which is the first stage room, and has a 50% pass rate. The game lasted an hour, and was based around a ‘secret agent’ theme. We were given a set of clues (some obvious, some not so) and we really did have to work together to make sure we were able to escape the room in time!

Will we escape?

Will we escape?

One thing I did worry about a little before starting the game was that it might be a little bit scary or jumpy for me as I’m terrified of my own shadow! Thankfully this wasn’t the case– the game most definitely gets your heart pumping as you get down to the last couple of minutes;  You’re all frantically trying to piece everything together, and adrenaline is rushing like crazy, but not in a bad way! I’ve never witnessed a bunch of 19 to 20-year-olds so worked up over a pretend scenario!

Clues, clues, clues

Clues, clues, clues

If you’re wondering what to do in Cardiff- I would definitely recommend heading down to Breakout Cardiff. It’s located in Brewery Quarter, next to Chiquito – you can get more information here.

And as for us? Did we escape in time?



Of course we did! We broke out just in time with only 59 seconds left on the clock! If we can do it– so can you!