These are the people you voted for

Finishing exams is exciting for two things: celebrating at the final Lash of the year, and voting for your Cardiff BNOC.

Here are the people you voted for. Choose your winner wisely.

Tim Baker

The hero himself

You voted for Tim Baker, the fresher who saved six teenagers from the Taf River which ran through Bute Park.

You also loved him because the 20-year-old Taly South resident is a classic rugby lad and can always be found at the Lash with a VK, obviously wearing the infamous rugby attire. What isn’t there to love?

Jonny Evans


You also voted for another rugby lad. Also known as Schneebly, Jonny can also be found on a Wednesday night in his rugby social attire mingling with the females of Cardiff university in the rugby corner, all of which love his famous eyebrows.

Never turning down the oppurtunity of a Shangrila, Schneebly can often be found boogying his night away to the house and techno vibes. Jonny has his fingers in many pies (due to his Northern nature) and is also the Social Sec of both the Cardiff University Poker club and the Bioscience Rugby Club.

Joe Blight

Dat finger tho

Dat finger tho

This Lash lover is the Chairman of the cricket club, and the creator of the ‘that’s out’ pose, which can always be found in the pictures every week.

He’s frequently recognised for being “the finger guy”, and it’s still unconfirmed whether this has a double meaning. This cheeky lad hasn’t been to a lecture in 3 years, but he is still averaging towards a 2:1 in his Geography degree. Well done Joe.

Annie Brooks


Annie is the only girl who made this year’s finals, so four for you Annie Brooks, you go Annie Brooks.

She was the successful winner of ‘Twat of the Year’ for C.U.N.C. She lives by the rules of sharing is caring and was seen wearing a nun costume whilst representing the club in AU Has Got Talent. Whilst on tour in Spain with the club, she yet again won Twat of the Tour for being carried back to the hotel by a tour rep, after having one too many VKs.

At the AU ball, she impersonated someone and went up to have a picture while collecting their award. It goes without saying that this girl is a BNOC, who spends her time exploring Tinder instead of fulfilling her social sec commitments. She can be found looking for the love of her life at the Lash, or in netball corner.

Geraint Thomas


Our last finalist is the beautiful and ever so popular Geraint Thomas, who received 12 separate nominations in the first couple of days of them being open.

He’s know as the guy with the amazing eyebrows, and can be seen out pretty much every night of the week.

Rumour has it he’s never missed a Revs Tuesday. This 2nd year Bio-Chem undergrad may be a party animal, but he’s also well on track for a 1st class degree.

So who will win? Vote below!

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