Why X-Fest is the only way to end your uni year

Get on the hype and listen to the mic

There’s no better way to forget this year’s exes and exams than X-Fest 2016

Cardiff’s pay-by-day festival returns to the beauteous Bute park on June 3rd and 4th.

It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to your uni mates and all those crappy exams, and here’s a bunch of other reasons why:

If this is last years... I cannot wait for this years!

If this is last years can you even imagine this years?

There’s no more work to do!

So whether you’ve completed your dissertation, struggled with a 40% pass mark, or have had the shock of your life after second year – it’s time to go out there and watch a little section of Cardiff change into something you’ve been dreaming of. Change into that place where the library doesn’t exist, where there is no imminent deadline, deep in the forest where your lecturer will never find you. This is the place the party won’t stop and you’ll feel like you’ll be as high as the grades you wish you had. And that’s not even to mention the after-parties around Cathays you’ll be dying to go to.

This could be you

This could be you

You get to dress up!

This is the moment you have been waiting for. All those times you’ve denied yourself The Lash to sit and revise, the amount of times you’ve turned down a shot and a society night. This is it. You’ve got your Levi shorts and a Topshop crop top ready to pop. Or maybe you’re getting the face paint out. Whether its just a flower crown or more, its the start to Summer so you might as well start it right and pretty.

The music is going to be fab!!

Last year boasted the headliners Ellie Goulding, Hozier and Tenacious D. But this year is sure to blow it out the Taff.

With big names like Craig David, Big Narstie and Shy FX hitting up Friday’s line-up you’ll be sure to miss out. This isn’t a revision lecture, it’s something you’ll want to go to. And hopefully if you plan the night right, your experience will be Barely Legal too.

Let alone all those Treatment names you’ve missed out on because of that hardcore study sesh; Annie Mac, Stormzy, Hannah Wants … What more could you want?! Apart from the selection of fresh summer ciders to wash away the smell of halls or the torment of your dissertation, of course. With the location just a few minutes walk from student village and town, Taly and Cathays, it is really worth the weekend of mahem.

Squad goals

Squad goals

Are you really gunna leave without saying goodbye?

There’s literally no better way to relieve the stress of going back home to parents, leaving your uni mates behind, and finishing those essays than having the time of your life, right on your doorstep. The three months without your pals is going to be brutal. The people back home won’t know, they haven’t been through your brutal Fresher’s weeks and ski trips. They weren’t there to hold your hair. These guys were.

It’s time to water this new crew with alcohol, summer parties, and create a weekend you won’t forget; no matter how wrecked you are.


The Fear of Missing Out, nuff said.


How low can you go?

After Parties!

I mentioned this earlier, but seriously, after parties! If you’re worried that the event ‘closes too early’ don’t you worry. You can find a party by just following the sound of the bass, and if you’re a bit hard of hearing, just host your own and people will flock to you. See these after parties as The After Party to the biggest End of The Year Party. And don’t you just want to be there. I know I do, and I know I will be. Hope to see you there!

They’ve chucked a bucket load more money into it

We spoke to the organisers and they’ve given us a cheeky insight to this years biggest post-exam party: “This year we have four stages, one of which is embedded inside the woods which will have an epic atmosphere. The lineup for this years event is absolutely spot on for our audience. We pretty much have music for everyone split across the stages.

“Not only have we invested more into our lineup this year we have also invested a lot more into our decor, VIP area, bars, lighting, sound, staff. Pretty much everything!

“So if people are looking for  big party to celebrate their exams or even end of uni then X is definitely the way to do it with their mates.”


Photo Credits: Sin Mei Lam