Cardiff rugby fresher rescues six teenagers

Tim Baker, a first year studying neuroscience, jumped into the River Taff after hearing cries for help

The Tab spoke to Tim Baker, a student who rescued six teenagers from dangerous waters on Thursday

The 20-year-old had just finished an exam and was sat in a park with a group of friends around 5.20pm, before he saw a crowd of people gathering next to the River Taff.

The hero himself

The hero himself

Tim, who stays in Talybont South halls of residence, walked over to see six teenagers stuck on boulders downstream of the lip of the Wier. 

The teens, aged approximately between 12-14 years old, were stood in rough water that came up to the middle of their chests.

“They’re screaming and I thought at first they were just messing about, but after a bit one is properly screaming for help”, Tim says.

One teenager had fallen in the water and his five friends attempted to help him, becoming stuck on another boulder in the middle of the river.

After hearing them shout for help, Tim was hesitant at first. “Should I really get in, are they in danger, can they help themselves?” he questioned.

An older man started making his way down the bank and the 20-year-old decided to help him.

The older man stayed in a shallower part of the water, whilst Tim swam to each boulder and rescued the teens one by one.

“The water was a lot tougher than it looked. I didn’t expect it to push me as far when I was just swimming normally.”

“I’ve spent 2 years as a lifeguard aged 16-18. Working at a small pool, I’d never had to seriously jump in though.”

The teenagers were brought to safety and two ambulances, a fire truck and a police van later arrived to the scene.