Taly South residents fined £19,000 in ‘additional charges’ in seven months

The charges include replacing keycards, additional cleaning and damages

Taly South residents have been fined £18,961 in ‘additional charges’ in the last seven months. 

An FOI by The Tab Cardiff can reveal that Cardiff University has accumulated £36,353 in ‘additional charges’ between August 2015-March 2016 across all halls of residences.

Talybont South was the biggest culprit with nearly £19k in charges. Charges consist of additional cleaning, tampering of fire equipment, replacement of keys/keycards and damages.


Naughty Taly Southerners

University Halls were in second place behind Taly South with £4,637 in charges, and Talybont North coming in a close third with £4,318.

Aberconway Hall was the lowest charged residences, racking up only £70 of fines over the same time period.

Exact reasons for Talybont South being way ahead of all other halls of residences haven’t been specified, however the introduction of key cards combined with the high amount of residents is a plausible reason for such a surge in fines at Talybont South. Residents are charged £10 every time they forget their card and need to be let in, and another £10 to replace a lost/broken card.



Heavier charges include £110 for damaged locks and £405 for bedroom carpet replacement.

The full list of halls of residences charges are as follows:

Aberconway Hall – £70

Aberdare Hall – £152

Cartwright Court – £611

Colum Hall – £110

Gordon Hall – £188

Colum Road Houses – £275

Talybont North – £4,318

Roy Jenkins Hall – £140

Senghennydd Court – £1,890

Talybont Court – £2,644

Talybont South – £18,961

University Hall – £4,637

University Village Houses – £894

Talybont Gate – £1,462