The Flora Pub is being refurbished to attract more students

The objective is to have a chic and welcoming atmosphere

The Flora has been provided significant funds to transform its walls into a place for students and professionals.

The point of the six digit budget (figures yet to be confirmed) is to keep the business alive for years to come.

The pub has called Flora Street its home since the 1800s and has passed through various ownerships.

1973429_fa949285Locals feel a revamp is better than closing altogether, as pubs are a place where people can come together to drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

First year Claire Blacker, who studies Journalism and Communications, said: “I’m really excited to see the new and improved Flora, it will be interesting to see what is going to do be done with it.”

Brains, Wales’ biggest brewer, announced that they are currently speaking to potential parties and going through negotiations for the agreement.