Uber could be launching in Cardiff next week

The company does not have a fixed date even though they’re ‘keen to launch’

Uber could be launching in Cardiff next week, with rumours on social media suggesting next Friday as the launch date. 

On Friday 15th, Uber held an open day, where taxi drivers could register to become a partner.

A spokesperson for Uber has confirmed that the launch could be as early as next week.

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Uber have yet to announce an official launch date

Rumours on social media began on Friday when the ‘Bring Uber to Cardiff’ Facebook page shared  a post announcing the launch of the taxi app next week. The page, which has over 900 likes, said in a post that Uber would be launching on Friday.

A spokesman for the company said: “As you’re aware we’re keen to launch as soon as we can, however, we don’t yet have a fixed date.”

The taxi app was granted its operator license by Cardiff council in January and started to recruit drivers.

Uber already operates in 15 UK cities, including London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.