Investigations are underway following yesterday’s fire on City Road

City Road remains closed

Investigations started this morning following a fire at a furniture warehouse on City Road yesterday evening.

The road remains closed to both cars and pedestrians, and people trying to access it are being kept away by the police.  There are however no reported delays on the roads.


The burnt building was a discounted furniture store. Photo Credit: @ILovesTheDiff

According to Jennie Griffith, head of fire control at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, the investigation into the cause of the fire will involve the fire service and the police.

Fire crews remain at the scene this morning after over fifty firefighters were called to the two-storey building after an initial call made just after 6pm yesterday evening.


Over 50 firefighters were called to the scene.

Fire crews reported that 90% of the building was damaged, including the roof which collapsed at around 8pm.

They also reported that they had prevented the fire from spreading to the neighbouring Machine Mart building and the YMCA.


The fire continued burning for several hours, and was not under control by firefighters until 23:49pm.

People were being told to avoid the area, and nearby residents were advised to keep their windows closed.

Although ambulance crews were called to the scene, there are no reported injuries.