Cardiff legend Ninjah is the new face of a £1 note

He joins the faces of James Watt, Charles Darwin and the Queen

It’s safe to say that he is one of Cardiff’s most well-know faces, so it only seems right that Ninjah the bin instrumentalist has had his face printed on one of Cardiff’s banknotes.

The legendary street performer is the new face of the Cardiff Pound, a note designed by Chris Amodeo. It is a one-off note, which has now been given to Ninjah himself.

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It is hoped that if the Cardiff Pound goes through, Ninjah will be the face of it

However, though Amodeo is not linked, there has been a movement to create the Cardiff Pound. Michelle Davis wants to create £1, £5, £10 and £20 notes to be used exclusively in Cardiff to help promote the local economy.

Amodeo hopes Ninjah will help promote Michelle’s cause, which will mean a new Cardiff Pound bank will open up, and workers of Cardiff can decide whether they want to be paid with Pounds Sterling or with the Cardiff Pound.

Although Ninjah is not the official face, if the Cardiff Pound goes through he was very happy with the currency Amodeo created. It is said he still holds it in his possession.