A Facebook page advertising Cardiff’s Slide ‘N’ Fly may be a scam

Thousands of people signed up for an event that did not happen

The Cardiff Slide ‘N’ Fly Facebook site never actually took place. 

People have been signing up to ride a giant outdoor slide in Cardiff on the 12th March, and there is no confirmation the event proceeded.

There were no details about where the event would be held and Cardiff Council had not permitted the event.

As a result there have been rising concerns about the possibility of the event page being used to trick people into providing their email address, to then be added to spamming lists.


Minimal information is provided on the event site for Cardiff, just encouraging people to share the page and invite friends:

“We need your support to make this happen, Please JOIN, SHARE the Event & INVITE your friends!

“More info & city tour dates coming very soon!”

The same event supposedly took place in various cities midday Saturday, including Southampton, Exeter, Bournemouth, and Birmingham, and is also being advertised to be seen in various locations across the summer.

Total Wipeout Tour advertised also appears likely to be a scam with similar intentions.