Cardiff’s fittest finalist: Pamela Matthews

She’s an avid sailor from Bournemouth

Introducing fresher Pamela Matthews, our latest nominee for fittest finalist.


Pam (left)

This English Lit and Spanish first year can be found roaming Taly North, with dreams of being in South, Court or anywhere else for that matter. She likes a casual drink in Buffalo but adores Glam. However, when Hannah Wants was at the SU Pamela is first in line. The joint honours student plays for Cardiff’s Lacrosse team and can be found tearing up the pitch on a Friday night. She is an avid sailor when she is back home in Bournemouth and so knows her way around a boat.

Voting for Cardiff’s Fittest Finalist will open later this week. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Cardiff Facebook page.