The Union’s new breathalysing limit is four pints

Don’t worry it’s not permanent

South Wales Police and Cardiff University Students’ Union have started a breathalyser trial run at the Union-run nights out, where you won’t be let in if you’ve drunk more than the equivalent of just four pints.


The Union introduced the new scheme last week to ensure student’s safety.

The breathalysers used are different to those used by police officers to detect drink driving as they do not give an actual reading.

Instead they are a guide to how much alcohol a person has consumed. Licensed premises are expected to use the breathalyser only as an aid where they would otherwise have refused entry.


You could miss out on all that fun

The initiative has been introduced so that security can have a better judgement on who is or is not suitable enough to be let into the SU. They are allowed to deny students entry if they refuse to take the test or exceed the limit.

The breathalyser will either turn green, amber or red. If it turns red you are turned away and sent home.

If it turns amber you are allowed to wait 20 minutes have a drink of water and try again. Amber is the equivalent of one glass of wine.

If it turns green you can enjoy your night knowing you’re sober.


Go easy on the VKs

According to Anna Hammond, a spokesperson for South Wales Police in Cardiff, a mere four pints will place you in the red category and deem you over the limit, whilst a single glass of wine will cause the breathalyser to reach the amber limit.

The Cardiff’s student union said in a statement: “The Students’ Union is happy to support any campaign that promotes and encourages responsible drinking, as has been seen through involvement with ‘Know the Score’ and the Safety Bus scheme.

“Commercial impact, either positive or negative, had no bearing whatsoever on the Students’ Union’s decision to be involved in this trial scheme.”

A spokesperson from the University said: “The University supports the Students’ Union on-going efforts to encourage responsible drinking.”