Fresher left on crutches after being stood on by rugby boy

She had severe tissue damage in her foot

A Journalism fresher has been left on crutches after a rugby player landed on her foot on a night out at the SU causing her to have severe tissue damage.

Sophie Garrod, of Taly South, didn’t expect to leave YOLO on Wednesday night with a severely injured foot after a boy, described as wearing rugby social attire, landed on her foot on the dance floor. Sophie carried on partying and walked back to halls before realising she needed to go to hospital. Unfortunately, her trip to Amsterdam with the Journalism Society, which cost £150, was departing the next day. Sophie was left behind with a new pair of crutches and no refund.


Pre YOLO and broken foot

The Journalism fresher and her friends were dancing in the middle of the dance floor, which was particularly packed because it was one of the first YOLOs back since exams, when Sophie felt a sharp pain in her foot. Sophie told The Tab: “I was in the SU on Wednesday night with two flatmates and a course friend. I felt someone land on my right foot, which hurt a lot at first, but I didn’t think it was too bad.” Sophie said she didn’t know the guy who fell on her foot, but she could tell they were from a rugby team because of the classic tan chino trousers and blue shirt combo. Both CURFC and the Medics wear such attire on their socials.


Not a happy fresher

Sophie added: “As I carried on dancing, the pain went away for a while but after an hour my course friend and I walked back to Taly. I could tell I was limping and by the time I got back to my room, my right foot was completely blue.” After trying to ice her swollen foot, Sophie and her flatmate went to A&E.

The journo fresher said: “I only had to wait about 45 minutes to see the nurse and got sent straight to x-ray.  My foot had severe tissue damage and had to be banadaged up in a cast. I got a taxi home around 4am in a hospital gown, as they had to cut my jeans off.”



Sophie had booked the trip to Amsterdam with the Journalism Society in October, however she was not able to travel on Thursday.

Gutted about missing the trip, Sophie said: “The nurse and my mum told me I’d be stupid to go to Amsterdam the next day. I have to keep my leg suspended in the air at all times and that probably wouldn’t have been possible on a 10 hour coach journey. There was also high risk of ice and snow in Amsterdam, which wouldn’t have been wise on crutches. I am annoyed I haven’t been able to go.”

Unfortunately, even after speaking to the Journalism Society social sec, Sophie has not been allowed a refund for the trip that she paid £150 for.