Cardiff Met is one of the worst universities in the UK for cheating

They can’t even cheat without getting caught

Cardiff Met have been placed as the university with the ninth highest number of cheating incidents with 1,103 students being caught between 2012-15.

The Sunday Times reported a total of 11 universities had 1000 or more students cheating in exams and coursework over a three-year period.

The top five are Kent (1,947), Westminster (1,933), East London (1,828), Sheffield Hallam (1,740) and Oxford Brookes (1,711).

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Cardiff Met had over 1000 cases of cheating over three years

A spokesperson for Cardiff Met said: “The best universities suffer from plagiarism, as illustrated by a recent survey that found almost one in two Cambridge students in a poll of 1000 admitted to cheating in their studies.

“It is impossible to know whether the levels of cheating at Cardiff Metropolitan are different to other institutions, but these figures demonstrate just how closely Cardiff Met student monitors work.

“We use anti-plagiarism software, and as technology has improved, so has the ability to catch anyone who cheats.

“Our message to students is simple: we are extremely vigilant so don’t take the risk – the consequences will be very severe.”