A cyclist was knocked into the air by a car on North Road

He miraculously only suffered a minor injury to his shoulder

A 21-year-old cyclist has been videoed being flung into the air after being hit by a car.

The junction between North Road and Colum Road is traffic lighted to ensure both pedestrians and cars are safe on the road.

The cyclist had attempted to get across the busy roads during a red light.

As a result he was hit by an oncoming car and left unconscious in the street.

The force of the collision resulted in the car windscreen smashing, and the cyclist vaulting upwards, crashing onto the edge of the kerb.

The young man was sent to University Hospital of Wales 35 minutes after the incident, and police forces arrived at the scene 15.25pm.

Fortunately the cyclist was discharged not long after treatment, diagnosed with a shoulder injury.

He has now provided cycling safety advice alongside road safety campaigners, Think! to share his story and make cyclists more aware.