What was your first email address?

No mum, MSN is not a chat room

We all know creating our first ever email address was a very big turning point in our lives.

It was a day when you said goodbye to childhood and proudly entered your teen years. Complete with a lot of underscores and even more Xs, your first email address definitely characterised you throughout your later primary and early secondary school days.

And for the surprising majority that still use it, it continues to define you. Here are the funniest we could find on Park Place. 

Laura, third year, Pharmacy


[email protected]

Julia, third year, English Literature

Super kewl

[email protected]

Kate, second year, History

We’re all in this together

[email protected]

Lucy, third year, English Language

Ice ice baby

[email protected]

Kelly, third year, English

On Wednesdays, we wear pink

[email protected]

Cameron, third year, Chemistry

Cam still is cool

[email protected]

Catherine, second year, Computer Science and Maths


[email protected]

Beth, third year, Earth and Environmental Science

Absolutely mental

[email protected]

Jack, second year, Film Studies, USW

Kayleigh, third year, Psychology

Dancing queen

[email protected]

Molly, third year, Maths

The ‘z’ is so 2003

[email protected]

Jamie, third year, Politics and Economics

Chelsea till I die

[email protected]

Jasmine, second year, Geography

Too many J’s, too much jizz

[email protected]

Demi, third year, Chinese and Spanish

She’s a jammy one

[email protected]

Lowri, 22, Graduate

Snap, crackle and pop

[email protected]