Silly Cardiff grad tweets ‘Think I just hit a cyclist. But I’m late for work so had to drive off lol’

He’s been sacked from his job as a stockbroker

A foolish Cardiff Uni graduate boasted about mowing down a cyclist and driving off on Twitter. 

Cocky Rayhan Qadar tweeted “Think I just hit a cyclist. But I’m late for work so had to drive off lol.” on Monday morning.

Qadar has now been forced to issue a grovelling apology, and has been sacked from his job as a stockbroker.

Rayhan Qadar, known as Ray Pew on Twitter, came under fire when he posted the vile Tweet on Monday at 8.30am.

Qadar made his “joke” to his 1,306 followers and it was retweeted a huge 152 times.

He also said his Twitter name “Ray Pew” was meant as a reference to the “pew pew pew” sound of a laser gun.

Incensed Twitter users blasted Qadar and even Greater Manchester police urged him to come forward.

Matt Morrison wrote: “I can hear the sound of all the screengrabs from here.”

Greater Manchester Police added: “If you hit a cyclist, you are obliged to stop.

“I suggest you call 101 as soon as possible, I will forward the details on.”

Twitter user Annabel Staff said: “Dear oh dear, you ignorant pr*ck, hopefully you won’t have a job to get to by the end of the day, enjoy going to court #Scum.”

Marc Etches added: “Some people don’t deserve to be on our roads. You obviously don’t have a brain as you actually tweeted this to the world. #getready.”

‘Ray Pew’ went to Cardiff Uni

Rayhan has now been forced to apologise for the careless tweet.

Speaking yesterday from his home in Bristol he said: “I am 100 per cent sorry. It was a joke gone bad. I didn’t think that would happen.

“I understand now that I can’t say things like that. If I did have an accident I would not drive away.

“I was literally late to work – that’s the only true bit – and I tweet a lot of nonsense so I go ‘I hit a cyclist, I think I hit a cyclist, but I can’t stop because I’m late for work’.

“Obviously it’s not true.  The only true bit is I was late for work.

“I say a lot of things like that on Twitter.  People that follow me for a few years they know I talk a lot of nonsense really.  That’s all it was.

“It was a really dumb thing to say […] and now I’ve lost my job.

“It’s mad like you write something and I had no idea it would blow up like that.

“Obviously I regret it and I’m so sorry to anyone who thought I might have hit someone. I wouldn’t ever drive away if I did.

“The way I’m looking at it is if I kind of wrote a tweet about one person or a few people or targeted someone like specifically or anything then I understand [people say] he deserves to go, but it was a made up thing, it’s not about anyone, it didn’t hurt anyone that’s why I’m a bit like I can’t believe it cost my job over that.

“I’m in a bit of shock at the moment.

“I know it’s foolish.  I wouldn’t do it again.”

But despite apologising for the “bad joke” bosses at Hargreaves Lansdown have sacked him over the “unacceptable” message.

A spokesman for the Bristol-based firm said: “One of our employees has failed to conduct themselves to the standards we expect of our staff.

“We find these online comments totally unacceptable.

“Upon becoming aware of this issue we have terminated this person’s employment with immediate effect.”