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Exams aren’t a thing in the world of culture!

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So, it turns out they maybe might be. Unfortunately I am left as the lone editor with no exams and so have really had to bulk out this one: apologies. We'll see Ben, Iulia and Chloe back next week- in the meantime, good luck to everyone!


Based on their promotional campaign alone I am so excited about Bounce! It’s got a killer cast and a really fun vibe to it- think 80s exercise videos, leg-warmers and big blue eyeshadow.

Bounce opens Wednesday 22cnd May at 11pm, ADC, until Thursday 23rd.

You may have heard of this from the various scandalous comments emanating from the ADC: theatre goes (medically?) sexy in In The Next Room , or the Vibrator Play. Setting aside concerns of historical accuracy (the vibrator was not invented to calm hysterical women, it is the greatest historical misconception since horned Vikings, I am happy to send anyone who wishes an article on this), this looks to be a beautifully costumed and welcome break from more staid programming.

In The Next Room runs at the ADC at 7:45pm until Saturday 25th.


This week marks the return of the Affordable Vintage Fair – get yourself some ethical, vintage, wavy garms for very cheap with only a £2 entry fee!

The Affordable Vintage Fair is from 10:30 to 16:30 on Saturday 25th May in the Cambridge Guildhall.


Heffers (aka my favourite place in the whole entire world) are holding a comedy night! Stand-ups will be bringing their thoughts on literature to the city’s nicest bookshop (please, please sponsor me) m- this is a partner format to Stand-up History, which has won multiple awards.

Stand-up Literature is from 7pm to 9pm, Heffers, Friday May 24th


It's summer now, officially, and that means – outdoor screenings. Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again (the cinematic piece de resistance of our time) is screening at the Hilton on Friday evening – what could be better to unwind on a Friday evening than the nasal stylings of Brosnan and co.

Mamma Mia screens at 8pm Friday 24th May, at the Hilton Hotel.